Boat Covers, Garages, and Carports    

Out on the water, you feel the spray of the water, the sun warming your face, and the wind blowing your hair as you enjoy your time on your boat. When you are back on land you don’t want the rain to come into your boat, the sun to fade your boat, and drying out seals and gaskets, and you don’t want the wind to damage your boat. You need to protect your boat when it is out of the water.

What are boat covers, carports, and garages?        

Boat covers, carports, and garages are the three basic types of protection for your boat when it is not in the water. The boat cover is a tight-fitting, durable fabric that, most often, covers the open area of the boat leaving the underside of the boat uncovered, and protects against elements that may damage the open, top side of your boat. The carport is a covered structure that is open on both ends and may have side panels that the boat sits under. It is most common for people to use a boat cover while their boat is under a carport. A carport can be customized to the size of your boat and allows for your boat to be covered from inclement weather and shaded to help prevent fading and cracking, but not fully enclosed. A garage is a fully enclosed structure that can also be customized to the size of your boat. A boat cover is not commonly used when the boat is in a garage. The boat garage, or boat building as it is more commonly referred to by boat owners also allows for items that are solely used for the boat to be stored alongside the boat.

Boat Carport vs. Boat Garage

When most people have decided to bring their boat out of the water for dry storage, they want more than just the boat cover and are considering building a carport or a garage. Both the carport and garage are customizable to the size of the boat and trailer, and both protect from the weather and rays of the sun. Bringing your boat out of the water to store it on land also saves you boat storage fees or slip fees when you aren’t using your boat. But that is where the carport and garage stop being alike. The boat garage provides more incentives than a carport:

Boat Cover Building in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia, LA

  1. Vandalism and theft. A boat garage fully encloses the boat so that a passerby can’t see that a boat is on your property. Being fully enclosed means that there is a door that can be locked which can aid in theft prevention and vandalism.
  2. Protection from the elements. A carport is covered and may have side walls but doesn’t provide complete protection from outside elements. A boat garage stops the wind and water from blowing in your boat. Damage from blown tree limbs, bouncing balls, and other external factors are eliminated with your boat being in a boat garage. Your boat is completely removed from the harsh rays of the sun that can fade the paint and dry out the seals and gaskets. You can even customize your boat garage to have climate control.
  3. Storage. A boat garage not only provides storage for your boat but also all the other stuff that goes along with being a boat owner. You can create spaces to hang life jackets and towels to dry out; for brushes, soaps, and wax to clean the boat; storage for extra plugs and batteries; and enclosed storage for all your skis, wakeboards, or tubes.
  4. Living space. There is a trend to build a boat garage that floats on the water. These floating boat buildings range from simple enclosed storage areas to elaborate living spaces and decks.

Why Choose Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings?

Whether you decide to choose a carport, garage, or boat building, Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings can help you protect your boat from the elements when it is not in the water. We have been serving the Carencro, New Iberia, and Lake Charles areas since 2010. Our metal buildings are always delivered, installed, and set up for free and backed by a 7-year workmanship warranty. The customization and paint ability of our buildings allows them to be low maintenance, energy-efficient, and durable. The materials and products that we use in our metal buildings are of high quality and are made in the USA. We provide exceptional customer service to ensure that each customer receives the metal RV Carport of their dreams. Our website provides tools to choose a current blueprint or a tool to customize your metal building. Contact us today about our rent-to-own or other financing options to get started on your metal RV Carport today.