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Portable metal building in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia, LA

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Carport Installation in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia

Metal Buildings in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia, LA

Carport Installation in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia
Metal buildings, like commercial metal buildings and metal storage buildings, have become increasingly popular over the years due to their durability and flexibility in a wide range of industries and uses. Metal is environmentally sustainable, secure and durable, low-maintenance, fast and easy to construct, and can be customized to meet a variety of uses and needs.
At Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings, we have been providing customized metal buildings in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia, LA and surrounding areas since 2010. We are committed to working closely with each customer to design and construct a quality metal building that meets their specific needs and budget. To learn more about our commercial metal buildings and metal storage buildings in Carencro, Lake Charles &  New Iberia, call us today to schedule an initial consultation.

What Are Metal Buildings?

Metal buildings can include metal storage buildings, carports, sheds, and other residential and commercial uses. The most common residential metal buildings in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia are used for:

  • Storage sheds
  • Carports, garages, or vehicle cover
  • Pole buildings
  • Workshops
  • Custom uses designated by the customer
Eagle Carport Installation in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia

Why You Need a Metal Shop Building in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia?


Metal shop buildings can be used for storage, shelter, work, and more. The reason that so many people choose metal buildings for commercial and residential needs are because there are numerous benefits to using a metal structure versus other building materials. The main benefits of residential or commercial metal buildings are:

  • Strength and durability – Metal buildings are more likely to withstand harsh temperatures, rapid temperature fluctuations, and severe weather, including high winds. They are designed to be able to withstand severe weather without buckling, bending, or falling. They are also pest and insect-resistant.
  • Low maintenance – Commercial metal buildings have specialized, durable finishes that offer lifetime protection against weather damage, pests, fading, and rust. Metal buildings require less maintenance overall than buildings constructed with other materials.
  • Energy efficiency – All metal buildings can be insulated with fiberglass, rigid board, or insulated metal panels. Insulation, combined with low-profile roofs and neutral paint colors, can make your metal storage shed or commercial metal building very energy efficient.
  • Fast construction – You can save time and money when you opt for a commercial metal building because construction and installation time is weeks or even months less than other similar structures.
  • Flexibility in design – The design and features can be customized to meet your current needs, and metal buildings are easily scalable to increase space as needed.
  • Longevity – Metal is an incredibly durable and long-lasting building material that can last a lifetime if constructed properly.
  • Sustainability – Using metal for your construction needs is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than other building materials. Metal is recyclable and requires less energy to manufacture.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Many companies choose commercial metal buildings over other structure materials because they know that metal buildings are secure, can withstand heavy wind, are easy to maintain, and can be quickly designed, customized, and built to meet any needs. The most common commercial metal buildings in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia are used for:

  • Lean-tos
  • Garages
  • Workshops or warehouses
  • Equipment storage sheds
  • Studios
  • Skid structures

Metal Building Features

Commercial metal buildings and residential metal buildings have a wide range of customizable features and additions that your contractor can incorporate into your design. Some popular metal building features are:

  • Insulation for energy efficiency
  • Customizable window and door styles
  • Customizable roof styles
  • Framecut or rollup doors
  • Lofts or other multi-story structures
  • Security features
  • Shade structures
Metal Farm Building in New Iberia, LA

Why Choose Our Metal Buildings?

Our metal buildings are customizable & paintable to meet each customer’s unique needs, style, and scalability. We use only materials that are made in the USA, and we work closely with our clients so they understand the differences between products and designs and can make the most informed decisions. We offer free delivery, installation, and set-up, and offer a 6 month workmanship warranty. We also offer rent-to-own financing and other financing options to qualifying customers. Contact us today online.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your Custom Metal Building

If you’re ready to get started on designing and constructing a commercial metal building in Carencro, Lake Charles & New Iberia, contact us today. We at Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings offer high-quality products and materials made in the USA, reliable and efficient design and construction, and a variety of building solutions that can meet every need. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that each customer walks away with the metal building of their dreams. We’ve been serving the New Iberia area since 2010, and have a loyal customer base that can attest to our quality and expertise. To learn more schedule an initial consultation or call us today.