• Why "Rent To Own"?
    No credit check! No personal intrusion! Just have your first two Rent To Own payments and Graceland will, deliver to you your BRAND NEW Graceland Portable Building! Everyone is APPROVED to have a Graceland Portable Building from Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings. Come see how easy it is with payments starting at $85.00 per month on our NEW 8x12 Barn.
    What is Graceland's most popular building?
    The Lofted or Side Lofted Barn Series! Why! You get two buildings for the price of one! A 10x16 Lofted barn gives you a 10x16 on the floor and a 8x10 building up-top in lofts. Keeping that floor space available for larger, most bulky items creates more room, so put those boxes up top on Graceland's two 10x4sturdy lofts. Supported by strong, 2x6 studs.

    Our 12x24 Lofted Barns and Side Lofted Barns give you two 12x6 lofts. And the 12x32 will give you two 8x12 lofts. Think abut that value. You will get 12x32 on the floor and a 16x12 building up top for less that it would cost you to have two buildings that size. Call for a fast and free quote, today!